Career.Place, formed in 2016,

removes bias from the hiring process and enables diversity
and compliance through a SaaS based solution.

The founders, Melissa Dobbins and Gabe Gurman, previously worked together. It was during a discussion of how bias enters the hiring decision, with nothing relating to doing the job, that they knew they were onto something.

Bias was bad for business - why wasn't it removed from the hiring process?! 

They spoke about how bias was used by some coworkers - where it was either used to weed out candidates (don't like to have a beer with fellow workers after work) or if they had something in common (how old their kids were and were they available for play dates). Both became frustrated by the biases that are inherent in the job hiring process and both said: 

"Why aren't people hired on their qualifications?".

And thus, was born.

Melissa Dobbins
Nick Caruso
Chief Architect
Gabe Gurman
Blaine Phelps
Business Strategist
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