Measure a candidates soft skills

Let them show you that they can succeed 

What  does the above mean? Well, assessments (for soft skills) are not fun (lots of data, analytics, statistics, and stuff most of us don't have time to get a PHD in). But, they are important.


It is a lot of words, but, if you want to fully understand why we partnered with a leading assessment provider, why we take assessments so seriously, continue to read below. 

What We Measure

At, we work hard to ensure candidates are able to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics, all without Bias. Our integrated assessments measure a candidates soft skills that are extremely important to succeed in the specific job position within the company.

The assessments administered cover a wide range of soft skills, including both cognitive skills, such as numerical/verbal problem solving, as well as behavioral traits, such as concern for others, integrity, and leadership. What we measure with our assessments is based upon the Department of Labor (DOL) comprehensive analysis data, covering the Abilities and Work Styles (soft skills) that are critical for successful performance on a job position. For a full list of assessments and what they measure, please click here.

How the Assessments Work

The implementation of assessments on the platform is designed both for flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to make better decisions faster. Here are some of the features:

Fully Integrated. The assessments on are fully integrated into the app. All testing occurs online (for free, no cost to you), on a wide range of devices, and without need for any infrastructure from the employers.

Control Candidate Flow. Our software allows you to control the percentage of candidates moving on in the hiring process. Want to set minimum standards so only candidates who will fit with your organization move on? Have a high-volume job and only want the best-fitting candidates proceeding to the next steps? No matter your situation, you can customize this option.

Composites. There are many paths to success on the job – so why limit yourself to only hiring from a specific path? Results of the assessments are expertly combined into a single composite so that the candidates most likely to succeed in your organization move on.

Custom Weighting. Organizations are unique. Teams are unique. Jobs are unique. So why limit yourself to a one-size-fits-all solution? Our assessments platform lets you modify which soft skills are most important to success in that specific job, on that specific team, in your unique organization.

We’re promoting diversity

Every single decision in the design of the assessments platform at has been made with an eye towards promoting diversity and eliminating Bias and Adverse Impact in hiring. From choosing assessments that minimize group differences to the use of composites to the choice of default options, we have taken a careful and scientific approach to ensure all candidates have an equal opportunity to showcase their skills.

How We Chose the Assessments

When choosing an assessment provider, there were two additional primary principles driving our search:

  1. Breadth of Coverage over any job position

  2. Reliability and Validity of the data across all demographics

For breadth of coverage, we were looking for a provider who had assessments covering all the Abilities and Work Styles identified from the DOL comprehensive job analysis. Additionally, the assessments could not be tied to any specific position, classification, or industry, ensuring broad applicability across job positions.

For validity evidence, we reviewed technical documentation to ensure that each assessment met the highest professional standards for validity and reliability. This included review of the testing framework underpinning the development of the assessment, proof the assessment measures what it is designed to, data relating scores on the assessment to relevant organizational outcomes (e.g., job performance), and stability and reliability of the scores themselves. For more information about our assessment provider, please click here.

Assessments at no charge!

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