Compliance is...   Anonymity

Career.Place does not present data or information to the employer until after the candidate has qualified for the job

The basic tenants of compliance in hiring:


Evaluation criteria must be necessary for the job


All candidates must be evaluated fairly and consistently against the same evaluation criteria



Companies must be able to report on their process

Don't worry, we got this 

Removing bias from the hiring process helps tremendously with being compliant.


The only true way to achieve this is through anonymity - which causes the focus to be on the capability of doing the job, not on the applicant. Regardless of protected status (or not), enables all candidates to experience the exact same hiring process

with no deviation. 

Easy to understand reporting that meets
Department of Labor  requirements
Consistency, anonymity, & reporting - everything you need to enable EEOC and OFCCP best practices - all for free!





Career.Place is the best employee recruiting and hiring solution
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