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Career.Place Case Study - ​Diverse Hiring
Assumptions and biases can get in the way of finding the right hires. The Mann Center decided to remove these in their hiring process and instead saved time, found a qualified hire, and promoted diversity. Read how they did it.  
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Career.Place Case Study - ​Highly Productive Hiring
Don't you hate it when you get ghosted? The wasted time and effort, not to mention the lack of respect and professionalism. One organization got tired of it and decided to save a lot of time and money by using Check out how they did.
Career.Place White Paper - The Art of Selecting Assessments
Assessments are a key component in some hiring processes. Choosing the right assessments and provider are extremely important. Both can cause you and your candidates to have a great experience, or not. Read how used a process that got them a top tier provider.
Career.Place White Paper - The Anatomy of a Compelling Job Description
The job description is a companies first "touch" of a serious candidate - and yet, they are written in such a poor way, it is amazing that applicants even apply. Read how to make the job description compelling and exciting - getting that hard to find candidate to apply to your company.
Career.Place Case Study - ​Finding the Right Qualified Candidate
Finding a qualified candidate can take weeks or months. Read how one non-profit used and found a qualified candidate in five days, without ever having to look at a resume.
Minimizing Resumes
Career.Place Case Study - The Hiring Funnel
Check out how one company turned 240 applicants into three qualified candidates - within TWO DAYS of posting the job - before ever having to look at a resume. 
Career.Place Case Study - Qualified Candidates Start w/ the Job Profile
Job profile and setting it up correctly can get (or not) applicants. See how one company changed its job profile and went from receiving few applicants to many - resulting in qualified candidates.
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Career.Place How It Works
Need that one pager that shows how funnels thousands of applicants to a few qualified candidates? This is it.
Career.Place ROI
An ROI document showcasing how saves your company money - from 3rd-party assessments (free from us) to time-to-hire (up to $3,000 savings).
Career.Place Integration Capabilities
Can career.Place integrate with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? It sure can and if you wanted to use it stand-alone, no worries. Read for more details.
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