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Compliance is so much more than affirmative action plans. Click here to discover true compliance.

How does diversity increase revenue, drive productivity, and reduce risk? Click here to find out.


"It is a true joy to know that our hiring process is devoid of bias using Career.Place and we are filling positions in just days, not weeks.  It is also beneficial to us that the candidates evaluated thru this solution have proved to be serious candidates, show up for interviews, and become fruitful employees."

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Margie McLaughlin
HR Manager

The Salvation Army Kroc Center

Pre-employment assessments can be a powerful tool or leave your organization under a pile of unicorn poop. Click here to learn how to select assessments.

Like a hammer for a builder, technology, like AI, is a tool. Both can empower HR/TA or just smash holes in the walls. Click here to select the right tools.


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