Hiring: Reinvented

No Resumes, No Keywords, #NoBias

Enable Diversity and Compliance

Qualifying applicants, made easy

Find your next great hire

Leverage anonymity to create a fair, consistent, and accurate unique hiring process. The career.place solution combines assessments, quizzes, work scenarios, and much more, to anonymously qualify applicants for your position before their resume ever hits your desk.

Hiring done the Right Way - Finally!

Career.Place, removing bias one hire at a time

It's easy to get started - just choose the best job title!

See how

in 30 seconds


Find the best fit by focusing on what matters in three simple stages


Employers DEFINE the needs of the job; skills, capabilities, strengths and knowledge


Candidates, anonymously, are EVALUATED by demonstrating abilities through responses, assessments and scenarios 



When abilities fit needs, the qualified candidates name, contact information and resume is UNLOCKED for the employer

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