Career.Place is the best employee recruiting and hiring solution

Diversity is easy to accomplish when bias is removed from the hiring equation

Imagine interviewing candidates based on their capability of doing the job

Imagine hiring because the candidate has proven they can do the job,

before you called them or looked at their resume

Why the hiring process needs a new approach to enable D&I

The hiring process is riddled with bias - from someone's name to what school they went to -  anything personal about a candidate opens up the opportunity for bias to enter the hiring process and thus causing your diversity goals to not be met.

We're, a solution that removes bias from hiring by eliminating resumes from the beginning of the process and replacing them with a step-by-step evaluation funnel as defined by you, which can include basic requirement questions, trait assessments, work scenarios and much more. Only those qualified will advance through each step of the funnel, leaving your with a diverse, though small, group of qualified candidates.

Want a .pdf with more detail? Click on funnel above. 

Interested in only receiving

diverse qualified candidates?
Reach out and let's chat about how we enable diversity and compliance

by removing bias 

Career.Place is the best employee recruiting and hiring solution
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