Stop spending hours upon hours reviewing resumes

and phone screening candidates

Imagine being able to cut over 50% in time to hire AND spending time ONLY with qualified candidates

Reinventing How We Hire

Don't You Hate it When:
"6pt font resume so the overly verbose story fits on 2 pages ... REALLY?"
"Phone screen a candidate who won't travel when the job posting said TRAVEL REQUIRED"
"Manager saying 'great candidate, but find me more' cause it wasn't the UNICORN"

Sifting through your pile of candidates ...

hours of phone screens to find those special few ... only to be told "not good enough" ... starting over


Sifting through your pile of candidates ... 

It's Time to Reinvent Hiring!

Career.Place, the software solution to stop this insanity


Only the candidates that objectively show they are qualified progress in the hiring funnel


Immediately see how your job requirements impact the candidate flow avoiding the search for the Unicorn


Bypass resume screening and phone screening saving hours of time for you and your team

Cost Effective

Solution includes all the tools needed to evaluate candidates including assessments, scenarios, recorded interviews

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Career.Place is the best employee recruiting and hiring solution
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