Career.Place is the best employee recruiting and hiring solution

Imagine a pool of talent qualified to meet the requirements of the job

Finding talent is hard and then discovering that they aren't qualified really...

If you had only known that before you started the whole process!

It's difficult enough to find the talent, but, ensuring they "FIT" the needs of the position is a whole different issue

You know a person who may be able to fill the role of a job.

Unfortunately, they already have a job.

And in the back of your mind, like every other candidate you think about,  you are worried that you will spend hours and days getting them to "apply" for the position, only to find out that they really aren't qualified. It does happen, and in fact, it happens more than anyone is willing to admit. 

We're, a solution that qualifies talent before you bring them in by placing them in a step-by-step evaluation funnel as defined by you, which can include basic requirement questions, trait assessments, work scenarios and much more. Only those qualified will advance through each step of the funnel and ultimately be fully qualified for the position you have in mind for them (all you have to is interview them!).

Oh, and once they have finished the funnel - that information is used to place that candidate in any other opening you may have. No longer sifting and checking to "see" if they fit - they either do or don't.

Want a .pdf with more detail? Click on funnel above. 

Interested in qualified candidates?

Reach out and let's chat about how we qualify the candidate

before you start wasting time 

Want to see how saves your money by giving you qualified candidates? 

Here's a two page .pdf on our capabilities.

Career.Place is the best employee recruiting and hiring solution
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