You know that sinking feeling you get when it's time to hire someone?

Hundreds of resumes ... Hours of phone screens ... And after all that, you hire someone who isn't THE ONE after all.


There's that sinking feeling again...

Its time to break the mold

Welcome to hiring reinvented; removing bias one hire at a time

Career.Place is the Talent Evaluation solution you've been looking for

Creates a Radically

New Approach

A fresh solution for the modern employer and empowered workforce alike. Employers are guided objectively through a process that hones in on the candidates with the right capabilities. Candidates shine, free to pursue their dream career with a profile that emphasizes their strengths and abilities.

Turning the Hiring

Process on its Head

It all starts with what candidates can do, not what they have done.  Far beyond removing names and resumes, it is like a metal detector that finds the right person for the job.  A solution unlike any other using a unique combination of technology and psychometrics.

Our unique process:

Is blind to biases

such as race, gender and age

Ensures each candidate
evaluated fairly
and consistently

Cuts through clutter, pinpointing candidates that are the strongest potential hires

Banish that sinking feeling, hiring does not need to hurt

Welcome to hiring reinvented; removing bias one hire at a time

We can't wait to show you how it works

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