Want to follow some of the best HR Informational websites and bloggers out there (besides us!), check them out below

Company Sites/Blogs

Personal Blogs


An incredibly awesome site with mind-blowing insights!

Fast Company

Not all of it's about HR, but, when they do write about it, it's spot on!

Hacking HR

A place with very insightful blogs

HR Sushi Bar

A new site with some informative stories from an HR Professional

HR Tech Weekly

As they say: "The place for HR technologists and nerds!"

Monster.com Blog

Good insightful information

Recruiting Daily

Great mix of writers and insights


Don't have to be a member


Great stories and knowledge about HR


Always a step ahead of where we are, good reads!


Talent Management and HR


A new site from a young HR professional

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Carlos Escobar

Very frequent insightful postings


HR, Talent Acquisition, Career tips, Self-Care

Fistful of Talent

Fun, interesting, and insightful

Greg Savage

An Aussie, but still has great insights :)

HR Bartender

Our favorite (besides our own blog)

HR Jazzy

A fun sight with fun stories

It's Tim Sackett

Do we need to say more?

Steve Boese's HR Technology

Great insight into up-and-coming HR tech

The HR Capitalist

Irreverent, but insightful

True Faith HR

Practice vs. Theory is discussed here

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