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Session 1: Setting effective, measurable DEI initiatives




1 hour


Strong DEI programs map to a better, fairer, and more inclusive tomorrow. They paint the picture of what’s possible, what change will happen and when, and how the organization will get there. But too many DEI programs get caught in the realm of lofty concepts, box-checking trainings, empty statements, and never-ending cycles of good intentions with little impact.

To ensure your program is set up for success, it requires clear INITIATIVES to serve as a map to illustrate the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of the program. It requires GOALS to serve as the ‘X’ on that map, so the organization knows where they’re going and when they get there. And it requires ACTIONS to serve as the steps along the path to the goal so the organization knows how they will achieve it.

This session will walk through the journey of a strong DEI program, exploring how to create compelling and effective initiatives, goals, and actions.

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the concepts behind DEI programs and why so many of them fail to make lasting impacts.

  • Explore the elements behind strong initiatives and how to apply them to your organization.

  • Step through the elements of strong goals and actions to turn good intention into measurable outcomes.

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