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Why should you use us with an ATS or Job Board?

Because we give you something that they can’t.

We save you time and money (up to thousands of dollars per hire), promote diversity, and minimize bad hires, resulting in qualified candidates - all while reducing the risk of non-compliance.

But that’s just the beginning…


Free/integrated assessments?
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Has free integrated 
assessments small.png
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Adverse Impact Reporting

Compliance reporting at a click of a button?
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Has complete adverse impact reporting with robust hiring analytics small.png
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Complete anonymity? 
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Anonymous process until interview, avoiding bias small.png
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Candidate Experience

An awesome experience that all candidates rave about?
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Has a unique fresh experience that keeps candidates engaged small.png
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Necessary, consistent, & fair evaluation process backed up by reporting?
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Enables compliance through a process that is legally defendable small.png
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The capability to promote diversity in your organization?
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Enables diversity due to application process and candidate anonymity small.png
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Scenario ?'s

 The assigning of proof of work tasks, then grading and rating it?
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Fully integrated process allowing the asking of necessary questions to qualify candidates small.png
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Video/Audio Interview

Integrated interviews at no extra cost?
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Offers free audio/video interviews as the final step of the qualifying process small.png
More Info is reinventing hiring by focusing on what matters most when hiring candidates