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Removing bias one hire at a time

The anonymous candidate screening solution that drives diversity and inclusion while saving you time, reducing costs, and enabling compliance. widget.png
Works with Greenhouse to provide you a seamless end-to-end hiring solution

How it works

With, it takes only:

  • MINUTES to get started and begin qualifying candidates

  • NO TIME needed to search resumes and conduct initial phone screens

  • MINUTES to select the short list of qualified candidates

Career.Place and Greenhouse - two solutions, one process

Process pic.png
Candidates flow into Greenhouse
Greenhouse sends candidates to the funnel
Career.Place automatically updates Greenhouse when candidates qualify

See how saved a customer 80% of time: going from 200 candidates to 3 in 20 minutes.


Create a job

Create new jobs with evaluation criteria within minutes

Career.Place Dashboard

Career.Place in action

Career.Place Candidate Review

Review Applicants

Evaluate applicants quickly and efficiently without wasting time


See Data

Gain valuable insights - from applicant flow to demographics

Career.Place Applicant Data Map

Get started with and see how we can help you


See how reduced the time to fill from weeks to days, while increasing employee diversity.

Join us in removing bias one hire at a time.

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