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Inclusion  Diversity  Efficiency  #NoBias

Career.Place, the anonymous candidate screening platform

Welcome to Hiring Reinvented

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Why Career.Place?

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Saves Time & Money

Eliminate resume sifting, painful phone screens, and unqualified candidates

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Drives Diversity & Inclusion

Evaluate candidates only by what matters, without any biasing information

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Enables Compliance

Apply a consistent process so every candidate is evaluated

by the same criteria

What We Do

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Uses anonymity and structure to ensure equity for all candidates


Takes minutes to get started and begin qualifying candidates


Integrates with your existing HR/TA solutions or use stand-alone

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How We Make a Difference

It used to take us 2 to 3 months to hire –sifting through the pile of resumes, to phone screens, to multiple interviews. With, we had fully qualified candidates within days

“Career.Place helped us focus on only those things that mattered for the job while saving me and my team valuable time. Thanks, in part to Career.Place, we achieved our goal of hiring to represent the best from our community to help us serve Philadelphia.”

“I have never had such a fast or smooth recruitment process."

Driving Diversity in Everything We Do

Join us in removing bias one hire at a time

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