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This is Hiring Training Reinvented

Career.Place hiring best practices curriculum: Empowering, Inclusive, Actionable

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What We Offer

Overview Webinars

Hiring, DEI, & Beyond

Hour-long webinars to introduce and discuss general topics

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Strategic Sessions

Approaches to DEI in Hiring 

 Topical overviews introducing & exploring the landscape of

DEI best practices

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Deep-dive Workshops

DEI Hiring Methods

Interactive, how-to workshops in specific DEI best practices

to enable change

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Learn how to write effective, inclusive job descriptions at your own pace

PRICE: $1,000 for up to 5 people

$500 for up to 5 people for Career.Place platform customers
(50% discount)

* Additional live sessions & job description reviews available for purchase
** Special pricing available for non-profit and education institutions