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This is Hiring Training Reinvented

Career.Place hiring best practices curriculum: Empowering, Inclusive, Actionable

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What We Offer

Overview Webinars

Hiring, DEI, & Beyond

Hour-long webinars to introduce and discuss general topics

Strategic Sessions

Approaches to DEI in Hiring 

 Topical overviews introducing & exploring the landscape of

DEI best practices

Deep-dive Workshops

DEI Hiring Methods

Interactive, how-to workshops in specific DEI best practices

to enable change

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   Our Approach

INCLUSIVE  Engaging everyone to be part of the conversation and solution

ACTIONABLE  Empowering everyone with tools to turn awareness into action

INTERACTIVE Encouraging conversation, questions, and shared insight

Our Style: See for yourself

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Learn with Peers

Interested in learning DEI hiring best practices with peers across industries and organizations?

Career.Place is proud to partner with the

Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP)

to provide peer-based training for Strategic Sessions and Deep-dive Workshops.

Hiring best practices, DEI, & Beyond

Leadership, TA / D&I practitioners, employees

High-level introduction to topics

Covers 'what', 'so what', and 'now what'

One hour

Includes discussion & Questions/answers

   Overview Webinars

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Navigating the path to diversity and inclusion in hiring

Explore the rich landscape of hiring and how to drive diversity and inclusion at every step: candidate experience, qualifications, screening, assessments, and selection. We will define goals, provide tactics and techniques, and share insights on how to effect change within your organization.

Walkthrough of the hiring process and how to increase equity and inclusion to drive diversity in every step

Journey from unconscious bias to actionable awareness

Learn about human biases, where they come from and how they impact you, your organization, and your community. We will introduce an awareness exercise anyone can use to create a culture of inclusion and turn unconscious bias into awareness, action, and change.

Introduction to unconscious bias - what it is, why it exists, and what we can do to cultivate an anti-bias culture of actionable awareness

D&I in today's talent acquisition technological world

Learn how to navigate TA technologies to enable an inclusive, diverse program: Artificial intelligence, automation, assessments, integrations, and candidate workflows. We will define goals and techniques for technology evaluation, selection, and share tips for driving adoption.

Introduction to popular TA technologies - what they are, how they work, their impact on DEI, and how to select the best ones for you

Breaking the culture of microaggressions

Learn what microaggressions are, why they occur and what we can all do to stop them. We will equip you with techniques to systematically identify, understand, and remove these detrimental, but often, unintentional behaviors and discuss approaches to building positive inclusive cultures.

Introduction to microaggressions - what they are, why they matter, and how we can all be part of the solution to remove them

Candidate selection assessments 101

Dive into the science behind assessments to understand what they are, how they work, and how to evaluate them. We will walk through a three-step process to selecting assessments - evaluating their effectiveness, fit to needs, and if the vendor will be a good partner for you.

Introduction to TA assessments - what they are, how they work, and what you need to know to choose the right assessments for you

Webinars start at $500 


Volume discounts and non-profit pricing available

 Approaches to DEI in Hiring 

TA / D&I / HR Leadership, Management

Walkthrough of DEI opportunities within a topic

Covers 'what' with approaches and techniques

Two hours

Includes discussion, exercises, and debrief





See below for details

           Strategic Sessions


Setting effective, measurable DEI initiatives

Explore the elements required to make strong initiatives, goals, and actions that command support and enable change. We will provide techniques to define actionable initiatives and aligning and communicating those initiatives to increase buy-in and gain financial and resource support.

How to create strong DEI initiatives, goals and actions that gain support and budget through organization alignment and ROI

Diversifying candidates at the source

Walk through the rich depth of options for expanding sources of both active and passive candidate pools. We will provide a guide for how to evaluate the quality and DEI impact of each source to determine which are worth the time and resources of your organization.

Explore opportunities to increase diversity at the source of hiring, expanding both active and passive candidate pools

Creating inclusive job titles and descriptions

Learn techniques for increasing inclusive language, tone, and style within every part of a job description; title, summary, culture statement, qualifications, and beyond. We will provide tips and techniques for evaluating and perfecting your content that are easy, approachable, and fun.

Resonate with the full, diverse pool of candidates with techniques to create fully inclusive and welcoming job titles and descriptions

Refining job requirements to maximize inclusion

Define strong, relevant requirements that lay the foundation for quality candidates and how to identify and remove those that do little more than discriminate or filter potential greatness. We will provide methods for evaluating, perfecting, and validating inclusive and effective requirements.

Expand the scope of requirements to include the widest pool of talent without compromising on quality and employee success

Drafting effective, equitable interview questions

Create insightful, equitable interview questions that fairly and effectively assess candidates' skills, abilities, knowledge, approaches, etc. without inadvertently giving preferential treatment. We will provide techniques for creating, evaluating, and validating interview questions.

Evaluate your diverse pool of candidates fairly and effectively with interview questions that reveal true talent and ability