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Journey from unconscious bias to actionable awareness




1 hour


To be biased is to be human. It is what allows us to make decisions and navigate our lives quickly and efficiently. However, when applied to each other, biases can lead to the wrong assumptions and reactions to each other, which could inadvertently create environments of exclusion and inequity. To prevent this, we must replace our unconscious bias toward each other with actionable awareness.

During this session, we will explore human biases; where they are from, how they impact our professional environments, and what we, as colleagues and professionals, can do to prevent them from tarnishing our culture. We will walk through exercises of actionable awareness to cultivate a safe, open environment that empowers every individual to share, help, and be part of the solution for an inclusive culture.

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce unconscious bias: what it is and where it comes from.​

  • Engage in an exercise to demonstrate the universal human nature of bias and awareness.

  • Step through techniques to identify the impacts of bias within your own organization using positive, empowering exercise.

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