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Breaking the culture of microaggressions




1 hour


Microaggressions are all those little (and not so little) actions and comments that erode an inclusive and welcoming culture. They are demeaning, hurtful, uncomfortable, and dehumanizing. They are the equivalent of saying "you don't belong here", "you are not welcome", "I don't understand or respect you", "you are not my equal".

During this session, we will explore why these microaggressions occur and what you can do to stop them. We will equip you with techniques to systematically identify, understand, and remove these detrimental, but often unintentional behaviors and actions. We will also discuss approaches to building a foundation of positive culture through inclusion and not aggression.

Join us as we break the culture of microaggressions.

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Learning Objectives

  • Define microaggressions: what they are, the impact they have, and how they harm organizations.

  • Understand the origins of microaggressions - most stemming from lack of awareness.

  • Step through techniques to identify microaggressions and how to stop them within your organization using positive, empowering exercises.

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