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JD Session 1: Discovering the true content behind job descriptions




2 hours


For many candidates, Job descriptions are the first window into their future with your organization. They give candidates a glimpse into the role, experience, culture, and essence of who you are. From this one document, candidates make a choice – engage or move on.

So why are so many job descriptions some of the most boring, generic, valueless documents that organizations produce?

Without insightful, engaging, inclusive descriptions, the candidates who engage are either just as indifferent as the job description or they are those who already know how to engage, which provides no value for efforts to expand and/or diversify candidate pools.

In this session we will begin the journey toward creating strong job descriptions by starting at the source material. Learn how to engage with the hiring team to get valuable, detailed information you can use to create an inclusive, equitable, and engaging job narrative that attracts candidates.   

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Learning Objectives

  • Explore the importance of the roles of Talent Acquisition, hiring managers, and subject matter experts in creating compelling, inclusive job descriptions.

  • Orient job descriptions to their primary goal by understanding what candidates need to know and how and when to address candidate priorities within a job description.

  • Learn how to drive insightful kick-off meetings with the hiring team: the questions and techniques that lead to information for compelling descriptions.

Interested in multiple training sessions?  Contact us for information on volume discounts
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