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JD Session 3: Repackaging job descriptions to maximize reach




2 hours


There is a long-standing wisdom in advertising: one size does not fit all.

Consider a pair of running shoes. Would you advertise running shoes the same way to young urban customers vs. suburban retirees? Probably not because even if the product is the same, what the two groups of customers care about is probably different. What about the platform? Would you use the same words in a tv commercial vs. a mobile game pop-up ad vs. a social media campaign? Again, probably not because how messages are absorbed is very different in those three platforms.

And so it is with job descriptions.

To get the most out of your job descriptions, they must be optimized for the different candidate pools, where they are in their journey, and what platform they are engaging on.

In this session, we will dive into how to optimize your messaging for candidates, candidate journey, and platform. We will explore how to build and use candidate personas to map the who, what, and why, and use that to optimize your advertising without overburdening your time and resources.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the power and impact of optimizing job descriptions to optimize engagement and create a positive, impactful candidate journey.

  • Explore the three facets of job description optimization, candidate, candidate journey, and format, and how to use candidate personas to identify your priorities.

  • Learn how to draft optimized messaging across priorities without overburdening your time and resources through tricks, techniques, and examples of what to and not to do.

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