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Session 1: Identifying the right metrics for your TA/DEI program




1.5 hours


Answers are only as good as the questions asked, and metrics are no exception. Strong metrics are the windows into our programs and efforts and answer the critical questions that enable us to achieve our goals. Metrics are the power that fuels successful behavior, performance, and decisions.

So why does it often feel like our metrics do little more than decorate slides and provide a predictable, yet unvalued cadence in periodic meetings?

Often the problem lies in the questions. When the questions are not clear, relevant, or valued, neither are the answers, no matter how perfect or alarming those answers may be.  

In this session, we will begin the journey toward creating strong metrics by focusing on the questions. Learn how to craft questions that are clear, relevant and valuable by tying them directly to desired behavior, performance, or decisions.   

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Learning Objectives

  • Explore the true power of metrics and how they can lead or mislead critical decisions, performance adjustments, and professional behaviors.

  • Step through the process of identifying clear, relevant, valuable questions that will help drive success of the team and organization.

  • See examples of strong metrics in action and how powerful questions truly are in the success or failure of achieving goals.

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