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Session 2: Finding and capturing the data behind strong metrics




1.5 hours


Have you ever been led astray by seemingly accurate information? Metrics that show problems where things are running smoothly or show no problems when the program is failing. Even the best designed metrics are only as good as the data that feeds them.


Data, just like everything else, is not perfect. It has meaning and strengths, but it also has limits. And bad or misleading or misused data can just as likely lead you down the wrong path. Therefore, to fully wield the power of metrics, you must fully know and understand the data feeding them.


In this session we will step through the process of understanding data. We will discuss techniques and methodologies for IDENTIFYING the correct data to use to answer your questions, FINDING that data within your processes, and GETTING that data to populate the answers to your questions.

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Learning Objectives

  • Explore the attributes of data and how to identify the accuracy, meaning, strengths, and limits of your data so it doesn’t mislead your organization

  • Provide techniques for IDENTIFYING, FINDING, and GETTING data to answer your questions and feed your metrics.

  • See examples of data in action and how it’s not perfection, but the understanding of strengths and limitations that unlocks the power of data.

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