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Session 3: Unlocking the true power of metrics as tools of change




1.5 hours


You’ve identified the right questions, dove into the details of your data, and found the valuable answers that can unlock the success of your program. Then why is no one listening or reacting? Why is your insightful answers to your insightful questions still doing little more than decorating a page?

The final piece of the puzzle lies with the communication.

People need more than just the answer displayed as well curated, well understood data. We need the narrative through which to interpret the data. In other words, we need to see the story and the consequences of the story.

In this session, we will learn how to elevate the data from numbers to powerful tools of change, by wrapping the metrics in the right VISUALIZATION, CONTEXT, and emphasis on what to do with the information (i.e. the ‘CALL TO ACTION’).

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce techniques for designing engaging VISUALIZATIONS with CONTEXT to transform numbers into a compelling narrative.

  • Showcase the power and role of the ‘CALL TO ACTION’ to ensure that your narratives insight appropriate action.

  • See examples of the narrative by showing how visualization, context, and call to action transformed answers into actions.

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