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Session 10: Establishing a process of continuous improvement




1 hour


There is no such thing as perfect. And even if it were possible to glimpse upon the mythical concept that is perfection, it would only be fleeting. What it is to be perfect also changes over time. Consider fashion, movies, technology. Even those that achieve the very height of glory, age and fall with time because what it is to be glorious changes.

Perfection doesn't exist.

But that’s okay because the journey towards perfection does. We can create a process of continuous improvement. In other words, rather than optimize for perfection, instead we optimize for the journey. The process of continuous improvement is a three-step loop: LEARN, APPLY, REFLECT. LEARN is collecting and analyzing system feedback. APPLY is converting the lessons learned into actionable steps, then prioritize, select, and execute them. REFLECT is evaluating the results for effectiveness and impact.

This session walks through the journey of LEARN, APPLY, REFLECT. We dive into techniques to effectively collect and analyze system feedback (people – covered in session 9, process, and technology), and how to turn the learnings into actionable next steps. We discuss how to effectively evaluate, prioritize and implement next steps and reflect on the results.

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the concept of continuous improvements as a part of the hiring process.

  • Step through the techniques of LEARN - gathering and analyzing system data from technology, process, and people and see them in action through exercises.

  • Step through the techniques of APPLY & REFLECT – converting learnings into actions then evaluating, prioritizing and selecting next steps.

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