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Session 11: Driving a diverse, equitable workplace beyond TA




1 hour


After much effort with systematic people, process, and technology changes driven by data, perfected by feedback, and supported by C-suite backed initiatives, you’ve created a wonderfully inclusive, equitable, diverse hiring process. New employees of every demographic and background flood into your organization. They are highly qualified, well aligned to your organization’s needs, values, and mission, and are excited to get started.

But hiring is only the beginning.

If diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts end with the offer letter, so does the impact. And if DEI doesn’t stretch beyond hiring, attrition goes up, employer brand and productivity goes down, and risk and liability increase. It is time to take on the role of the influencer to drive DEI beyond Talent Acquisition.

This session dives into how to be an effective influencer in order to drive DEI beyond Talent Acquisition. We will explore common DEI opportunities within organizations and introduce the three steps of driving change: DISCOVER, DIAGNOSE, and INFLUENCE and how to use them to make a lasting impact.

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Learning Objectives

  • Explore common opportunities to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond Talent Acquisition and how to address each.

  • Introduce the methodology of driving change as an influencer – DISCOVER, DIAGNOSE, and INFLUENCE.

  • Share tips and techniques for how to effectively apply the change methodology to DEI opportunities.

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