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Session 12: Bringing it all together to build your DEI initiative




1 hour


Throughout the Talent Acquisition DEI Strategic Overview Program, we have meticulously reviewed the multiple facets of Talent Acquisition (TA) and how it can be influenced, infused, and improved with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We explored how to evaluate, create, modify, and improve each element of the TA process; sourcing, screening, interviewing, selection, and experience. We reviewed techniques to select, combine, manage, and present the TA process improvements; feedback, prioritization, technology selection, and change management. Then we went beyond TA to weave our vision and efforts into a larger and more impactful wholistic initiative.

However, a successful initiative is more than just knowing what’s possible and how to achieve the possible. It requires prioritization, selection, scheduling, and execution within your organization’s time, budget, and resource constraints.

This session brings us full circle, revisiting the concepts of INITIATIVES, GOALS, and ACTIONS introduced in the first session. We will show you how to use these concepts to build a tailored roadmap for your organization with the content introduced throughout the program.

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Learning Objectives

  • Revisit INITIATIVES, GOALS, and ACTIONS and use all the materials covered throughout the Program to validate or adjust your original initiatives, goals, and actions.

  • Show the techniques for creating a momentum-building roadmap organized into NOW, SOON, LATER and how to select the right tasks for each.

  • Share tips and techniques for how to best populate, balance, and use roadmaps.

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