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Session 2: Diversifying candidates at the source




1 hour


Diversity (and DEI strategy) starts at the source. Or, more accurately, without diversity at the source, there will be no diversity in the applicant pool, which means no diversity in hires.

To have more candidate diversity at the source requires tapping into the widest and most diverse potential candidate pool and then ensuring they are aware of your job and have the access/ability to apply. Contrary to common behaviors, increasing diversity is not targeting specific demographics alone, nor is it filling the funnel with unqualified candidates to meet diversity goals. Instead, set a strong sourcing strategy by first setting REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS for diversity based on the reality of the available qualified candidate pool. Then identify opportunities to increase EXPOSURE of the job to missing demographic groups that are under-represented as compared to the realistic expectations and evaluating those opportunities for your organization.

This session will walk through the steps of setting realistic expectations for diversity goals, identifying opportunities to increase exposure of the job to tap into new candidate pools, and evaluating those opportunities to select the right ones for you.

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the impact of a sourcing strategy to organization diversity and diversity initiatives.

  • Step through how to set realistic expectations for current and future hiring across demographics and other diversity metrics.

  • Explore options for how to increase exposure of the job to both active and passive candidate pools to achieve diversity goals and how to evaluate the effectiveness of each option for your organization.

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