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Session 3: Creating inclusive job titles and descriptions




1 hour


Attracting a diverse range of qualified candidates to your positions requires a combination of two disciplines – sourcing candidates (covered in Session 2) and attracting candidates by crafting inclusive, engaging job descriptions.

Effectively sourcing candidates is the art and skill of reaching as broad and relevant an audience as possible. Whereas, effectively crafting job descriptions (and titles) is what peaks the interests of those candidates and drives them to apply for your jobs. In other words, sourcing is where you want to advertise, and descriptions are the commercials you run. And, like any commercial, a good job description will leave a lasting impression conveying the product (job), the organization, the job purpose, and the job’s intended audience. A bad one will leave no impression or encourage people to skip it or inadvertently spark backlash.

This session will walk through the steps of creating compelling, engaging, inclusive job descriptions. We will explore the five key elements to strong, inclusive descriptions – CLEAR, COMPELLING, CONSISTENT, ACCURATE, and INCLUSIVE, and how to effectively apply each to titles and descriptions.

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the power and role of job descriptions within the hiring process and how they can drive (or harm) diversity and inclusion.

  • Step through the key elements of drafting compelling, engaging, and inclusive job descriptions.

  • Explore the impact of the key elements of strong job descriptions through examples and exercises so that you are able to apply these techniques to your own descriptions.

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