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Session 4: Refining job requirements to maximize inclusion




1 hour


Minimum job requirements are the basic criteria that a candidate must have to be minimally qualified for the job. In other words, any candidate that does not meet all of the minimum job requirements are not viable candidates for the position and are filtered out in the first phase of evaluation.

This puts a huge weight on those requirements. Get it wrong, and you could be filtering out great talent, or wasting valuable time by considering those who are not viable options, or you could be setting everyone up for failure by searching for a unicorn (the extremely rare or non-existent candidate). Getting it wrong could also mean creating an inequitable filter that unfairly excludes some demographic groups or favors others.

So don't get it wrong. Ensure that your minimum job requirements are inclusive, equitable, and effective which will not only provide a higher quality, diverse pool of candidates, it will also increase efficiency (i.e. save you time and money).

This session will walk through the steps of creating inclusive, equitable, and effective minimum requirements. We will explore the five key elements to strong requirements – CLEAR, MEASURABLE, REALISTIC, DEFENDABLE, and MUST HAVE, and how to effectively apply each to your requirements.

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the impact of minimum requirements within the hiring process and how they can drive (or harm) diversity and inclusion.

  • Step through the key elements of creating inclusive, equitable, effective minimum requirements.

  • Explore the impact of the key elements of strong minimum requirements through examples and exercises so that you are able to apply these techniques to your own job requirements.

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