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Session 5: Drafting effective, equitable interview questions




1 hour


At the very least, effective interview questions verify and/or evaluate candidate’s skills, knowledge, abilities, and cultural alignment. Strong interview questions also distinguish the best candidates – separating those who are good from those who are great.

Ask the right questions in the right way and you will get a wealth of information about the candidate, their abilities and potential, and how they will act within your team, culture, and organization. Get it wrong, and you could be doing little more than wasting time. Or worse, the wrong questions could bias the process with misleading results and unfair advantages. Unfortunately, bad questions are common within the hiring process. Interview questions like “walk me through your resume”, “tell me about yourself”, and “do you like working with people? Tell me about a time when you worked well with a team”, add little information while opening the door wide for favoritism and inequities in the process.

This session will walk through the steps of creating inclusive, equitable, effective interview questions. We will explore the four key elements to strong questions – CLEAR, MEASURABLE, RELEVANT, and INSIGHTFUL, and how to effectively apply each to your requirements.

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the true impact of interview questions within the hiring process and how they can drive (or harm) diversity and inclusion.

  • Step through the key elements of creating inclusive, equitable, effective interview questions.

  • Explore the impact of the key elements of strong interview questions through examples and exercises so that you are able to apply these techniques to your own interviews.

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