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Session 6: Creating an inclusive and welcoming candidate experience




1 hour


Think back to the last time you were in a job interview or, if one doesn’t come to mind, the last time you visited a new organization, traveled to a new location, met a new person, or any other situation that resulted in a lasting first impression. What do you remember about it?

Chances are the details you remember are the things that elicited some sort of emotional response. For example, you may remember conversations because they made you angry or excited. Or perhaps you remember a tone or style because it reminded you of someone or ‘rubbed you the wrong way’. And the stronger the emotion (positive or negative), the more it’s stuck in your brain. The power of experience and the impression it leaves is not just in what happened, it’s in the emotional imprint they leave. This includes candidate experience. It’s not just the details within themselves that matter, it’s how the candidates perceive and react to them.

This session walks through the different stages of the candidate experience, from digital presence to onsite and/or in-person interactions, to the communications that wrap around the hiring process. We will examine what details go into experience and how each may trigger positive or negative perceptions.

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the facets of the candidate experience throughout the hiring process and how they can drive (or harm) a candidate’s perception and impact diversity and inclusion.

  • Dive into details and examples of experiences across digital presence, onsite/in-person interactions, and communications of the hiring process and how to evaluate each for its impact on a candidate’s perception.

  • Apply concepts through examples of candidate experiences and evaluate each to determine the potential perception and options for improvement.

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