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Session 7: Driving an inclusive and equitable candidate selection process




1 hour


The last stages of the hiring process can be the most challenging – selecting the one candidate who will get the offer from among the finalists. As no human is perfect, selecting the one to hire is about making tradeoffs. Each are great, but they are great for different reasons. So how do you choose which reasons should prevail?

When the tradeoffs are difficult or they feel like ‘six one way, half dozen the other’, it becomes so easy to choose for arbitrary reasons. But arbitrary reasons are biases at work and can cause damage far beyond resulting in less optimal choices. Bias at this stage can lead to resentment from existing employees, resentment from the other finalists (who could be perfect future hires otherwise) and compliance challenges. That’s why, just like every other part of the selection process, the final selection must be objective and equitable.

This session walks through the main facets of candidate alignment for final selection: CURRENT ALIGNMENT, FUTURE POTENTIAL, and CULTURE “FIT” and how to ensure an objective, equitable evaluation across them. We will apply objective techniques to clearly define and prioritize the strengths of the finalists so you make the best decision for your organization and your candidates.

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the facets of job and organization alignment – current alignment, future potential, and culture ‘fit’, and the importance and impact of each.

  • Step through how to define, prioritize, and evaluate candidates against each of the facets using previous techniques of key elements: logical, objective, measurable, consistent, and defendable.

  • Introduce techniques to ensure finalists are evaluated objectively and fairly so you can apply it to your finalist selection process.

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