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Session 9: Collecting candidate & employee feedback




1 hour


Feedback is an essential part of any successful system, especially a newly designed or enhanced system. Feedback is the mechanism that ensures the system is running properly, identifies potential challenges, and provides opportunities for improvement.

There are three sources of feedback: technology in the form of automated measurements and reports, process in the form of collected data and analysis, and people in the form of surveys, interviews, and shared opinions. Of the three, two are objective – they aren’t swayed by emotions or if they had a good or bad day, they don’t lie, and they don’t have ulterior motives to the answers they provide. And then there are people…

People are all of those things and so much more. People are emotional, creative, logical, unpredictable, and chaotic. People feedback can be far more insightful, empowering, and impactful than any technology or process metric. And, if you’re not careful, one misplaced word or misplaced cup of coffee could impact feedback more than the system that is being evaluated.

This session explores the art of effectively collecting feedback from people. We will dive into the techniques of surveys and questions and explore the impact of these techniques across the three basic groups of people involved in the hiring process: early-stage candidates, late-stage candidates, and the hiring team.

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Learning Objectives

  • Introduce the value and challenges of people feedback and why it’s critical to a healthy hiring process when done right or misleading or without value when done wrong.

  • Walk through the process of creating effective survey questions to collect people feedback, taking into account the purpose, audience, and outcome.

  • Use examples to illustrate effective vs. ineffective interview questions and methodologies so you can build strong, insightful people feedback surveys.

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