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Shifting the privilege conversation to empower change




1 hour



In this time of social justice and demand for equity, the topic of "privilege" has taken center stage. There are many flavors of privilege - race, socio-economic, gender, etc. But at the core of them all, the cause is the same; it's not us, it's "them".

Privilege is not what we do or the choices we make, it's the difference in how the world treats us, the different consequences to the same actions, and the different access to opportunity. We may enter the same room or party or street, make the same choices, act the same way, but the outcomes and experiences are different.

But, just because privilege is not us, it's 'them', doesn't mean we are powerless to stop it. We all have opportunities professionally and personally to be part of the solution.

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Learning Objectives

  • Define privilege; what it is, where it comes from, and how it impacts us all.

  • Examine the fallacies and fears that perpetuate the inequities driving privilege and learn the truths behind those fallacies.

  • Explore the many things we can all do to be part of the solution in breaking down inequities today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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