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“A great resource for me to grow as a diversity professional”

“The ATAP Cohort has been a great resource for me to grow as a diversity professional. I am especially grateful for the professional connections that being in the cohort has afforded me. I now have the knowledge and tools to share with my team as we navigate becoming a more inclusive workplace. ”

- Myesha Oliver

    Sr. Talent Partner


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“Being a part of the ATAP DEI Cohort has been essential in receiving digestible information that we can apply to our diversity recruiting efforts. The courses are broken down so you learn new methods and then each month they build on each other. It also provides you a community of people in other industries and backgrounds to gain knowledge and insight as we all work towards common goals."

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“Digestible information we can apply to our diversity efforts”

- Taylor Franco   

    University & Diversity TA      


“Celanese is excited by the results we’ve seen in our diversity hiring.  The programs' cohort based structure creates a laboratory where we work with other companies to implement and benchmark different processes and initiatives.  We have seen increasing performance month after month and have built invaluable relationships with other organizations as we all strive to improve our DEI performance."

- Jim D'Amico  

    Global TA Leader       


“Being part of the ATAP DEI Cohort has been an extremely engaging experience. The material is relevant, insightful, and applicable in my every day action. My favorite part about the cohort structure is the support from our breakout group. We collaborate, offer each other advice, and share best practices.  I have learned tips and tricks that have allowed me gain a new perspective and grow in my career as a talent advisor."

- Allie Obanion

    Talent Advisor     


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"Definitely worth the investment"

“This being my first DEI course run externally, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at the volume of what you’re likely to cover, but the team has made it incredibly easy to digest. The content is organized chronologically and there are worksheets and blogs each month on the relevant topic at hand to keep us in line and on track. The delivery and involvement from all parties is supportive and also encourages involvement, daunting at first but after a while it seems weird to not speak up. Everything about the course has been advantageous and we’ve been able to take some of the learnings to add impact within the broader business. Definitely worth the investment and from an individual perspective it’s been a great addition to my own skillset and knowledge. ”

- Andy Chown

    Director TA

    Penguin Random House

“At first, I was not sure what to expect. My role as the Diversity, Campus, & Military Recruitment Program Manager was a newly created role at Terminix, a Fortune 500 Company, and I was tasked with building a lot of these initiatives from scratch.

But, from the first meeting with Melissa Dobbins, I knew this program would be the exact thing I needed to guide and help me build a framework for my efforts. Throughout the 12-month program, we have been deep diving into topics ranging from setting our DEI goals and initiatives, to candidate sourcing, candidate experience, and job descriptions and requirements.

In addition to getting great instructor led courses, one of the most beneficial aspects of the program is the interaction we've had with our cohorts. By sharing insights and experiences with other TA professionals, I've heard first-hand about their progress and past efforts which has influenced a lot of the work I've done since starting the program and made it more impactful and effective.
I would strongly recommend this program to anyone regardless of where their company is in the process of building out a DEI COE. The tools and resources provided can be beneficial now, next year, and even further in the future and I know I'll be referencing my training materials for years to come.”

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"I would strongly recommend this program to anyone"


- Daisy Laird

    Diversity, campus, military

    recruiting manager 


“The ATAP DEI Program provided great information and tools to help me better design a strong talent acquisition diversity strategy for our business. ”

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"Provided great information and tools"

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- Jose Carbia

    Vice President, Global TA

    Change Healthcare

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"Amazing job organizing and presenting information"

“I have spent about 20 years in Talent Acquisition and it has been exciting watching DEI move to the forefront and go beyond basic awareness to a much more intentional focus of corporate strategy.  In all my time spent in TA, I’ve done research, gone to webinars, read blogs and just generally aimed to be a good human, so I jumped at the chance to participate in ATAP’s DEI Program.  I’m lucky to be a part of a global organization that recognizes the value and strength that an intentional DEI program offers, and am grateful that MoneyGram has supported me in taking the time to participate in this. 

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect going in, but ATAP has done an
amazing job of organizing and presenting all of the information necessary to build a DEI Strategy from scratch, or enhance an existing strategy.  This DEI program has allowed me to expand my knowledge and connect with others on a similar journey to share ideas and experiences.  The way the information is presented and the level of interaction is what sets this apart from other programs.  What I thought I knew has been challenged and supplemented, and I feel more prepared to refine my approach and my ideas to be a better DEI partner going forward.  No matter where you are in your journey, I would highly recommend this program. ”

- Tarah Littlejohn

   TA Manager

   MoneyGram International

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"Dives into key actions to make a large strategy happen"

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“Besides being incredibly personable and a natural teacher, Melissa Dobbins is extremely passionate about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The best aspects of this cohort were the learnings around putting together a large strategy or roadmap as well as diving into the key action steps to make it happen.  The tools and resources provided are given to you to use as needed and I can see myself using the presentations and templates in a variety of cases.  The team building component was critical.  Being part of this team has provided me with new relationships that I can consistently go to for thought partnership, best practice sharing, and professional networking.  I have leaned on this team more times than I can count.  Thank you to ATAP for this partnership and opportunity! ”

- Nicole Norris

   Director, TA

   Artera Services


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