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Ageism - A quick story

As a hiring manager, I once had the amazing experience of finding a perfect candidate. He aced the interview with that perfect balance of insightful and practical answers. He was well-spoken and friendly and came across as a shoe-in for culture fit. Add to that the perfect background; familiar with our product (in fact, he owned it as a customer at one point), relevant industry knowledge, and an excellent rolodex of contacts. I was so excited to find this perfect gem. You can imagine how shocked I was when my boss did not want me to hire him.

I asked him why.

"What fifty-something-year-old man would want to work for a twenty-something-year-old woman?" my thirty-something year old boss responded.

"This one," was my answer.

I hired him. He was an excellent member of my team and has remained an excellent addition to the company to this day.

Jon Shields's article on age discrimination is excellent; calling out a very important and impactful problem in the hiring process today. I am grateful to be a part of the conversation and I am very much looking forward to reading more of his posts in the future.

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