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BEST Alliance Incorporates Career.Place in Finding & Placing Volunteers

Career.Place offers its solution, for free, to BEST to meet its missions’ goals

Career.Place, removing bias one hire at a time, announced today the first charity that is using its solution, freely given, in finding volunteers to achieve its mission.

" has helped my organization find volunteers who are qualified to help us accomplish our mission of using the power of the business community to prevent human trafficking," said Alisha West, Operations Coordinator for Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking (BEST). "I personally struggled for months to find the right person to assist with database management and data entry. I sifted through dozens of resumes and even brought a few individuals on as volunteers, but I still wasn't finding the right person. Something so simple shouldn’t be so frustrating and such a waste of time and money. Thankfully, I found and a better process. Setting up the job helped me define what I needed in hard skills, personality traits, and ‘must haves’, resulting in me finding exactly the type of person I needed – all without having to spend hours looking at resumes!”

Career.Place has made it a cornerstone of its mission in providing charities its services for free.

“Every charity struggles, not only with finances, but also with finding volunteers that will help the charity as well as be committed to it,” said Melissa Dobbins, CEO, Career.Place. “By offering our solution for free to those 501c3 charities, we know that we have taken a huge burden off them, not only in costs, but also in the time used to sift through hundreds of resumes. What used to take them weeks to find a qualified volunteer, now takes days.”

Career.Place’s solution is currently available, with a free trial, at

Information on BEST can be found at


BEST raises awareness about how employers can help stop human trafficking. BEST consults on best practices and provides model policies for employers. BEST trains employees to implement best practices and stop exploitation before it happens. BEST enables employers to provide jobs for survivors of trafficking and people considered at-risk. ​


MDG2 Technologies, dba, formed in 2016, removes bias from the hiring process through a SaaS based solution. Applicants move through an anonymous and semi-automated hiring funnel, with employers advancing candidates when they meet the needs of the company or are removed from consideration when they do not qualify. Applicants that prove they are qualified for the position exit the funnel and move forward with a company’s final stage hiring process.

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