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Launch That Saves Time with Career.Place - Case Study


With, Launch That reduced its time to hire 66%, down to just 17 days from their previous average of 53 days.

Even accounting for an outlier job (a pesky lingering position that took over two years to fill) using their previous process, the average time to hire was still a 63% reduction.

Career.Place didn’t stop there.


With so many applicants, Launch That was falling into the ghosting challenge, with some candidates waiting hundreds of days or more before receiving a response to their application due to the way their ATS worked.

But, with, ghosting applicants is not an option. Using, the average Launch That candidate qualification time is down to only 3 days. That is quite a candidate experience improvement – going from ghosted to knowing if they’ve landed a hiring manager interview in only 3 days.


Before, Launch That didn’t have a consistent, easy to review reporting tool to collect and analyze candidate demographics. Without knowing where they stood, they did not know if there were any diversity challenges, and if so, where they lurked.

With, they have full insight into demographics at every step of the screening process across every job. And, with’s anonymous screening, they have already seen increased diversity in the candidates that get the job.

But, what Launch That loves is that all candidates who they hire, are interviewed based on their own efforts and responses. It’s those responses that allow them to stand out and get noticed; then everything after they are unlocked typically is just icing on the cake!

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