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MDG2 Technologies Partners with the Premier Talent Management Company, Corvirtus

Corvirtus to provide its hiring assessments as a component of’s hiring funnel

Career.Place, removing bias one hire at a time, announced today the agreement between Corvirtus and MDG2 Technologies LLC,’s parent company.

The agreement allows MDG2 Technologies to place Corvirtus assessments and trait testing in its product.

“Applicants, after moving through the first steps of, may require specific traits to meet the needs of the employer,” said CEO Melissa Dobbins. “Having a partner like Corvirtus allows our clients, the employers, to know that applicants have those traits through our software just as they would have if they sent that applicant to be tested though a third party provider.”

The partnership allows to use Corvirtus assessments to measure key predictors of job performance including: cognitive ability, ambition, leadership potential, attention to detail, the drive to serve others, integrity, and teamwork.

“The approach to removing bias in the hiring process is unique: Corvirtus assessments qualify candidates before a resume or even the candidate’s name is revealed,” said Jennifer Yugo, Corvirtus Managing Director. “Their offering brings our assessments to a broad range of companies, many of whom have not taken an intentional or evidence-based approach to hiring before.”

Career.Place’s solution will be available to the market starting on April 1, 2018.

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