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Product Update: New visualization for Assessments

Ease of use.

It’s a term touted by many technology vendors yet perfected by so few. At, we have always prioritized “ease of use” in every corner of our solution, whether it’s for recruiters or hiring managers or candidates applying to their jobs.

And how do we know what makes something ‘easy to use’? It’s simple – we listen. What better way to improve ease of use than by continually collecting feedback from our own users.

Our new visualization for selecting the ‘passing score’ of our built-in assessments is a perfect example.

One of our clients, Drew, got a little confused on the Edit Assessment screen when he went to set the “Percent of People to Pass”

“When I set the “percentage of people to pass” higher, does that mean more or less people pass the assessments stage?”

A simple question that exposed an ease-of-use problem. The interface was confusing!

So, we fixed it.

Now, when you set “Percent of People to Pass”, you see how much of the population will pass the assessment.

For example: if you set it to10%, the visualization shows the top 10% of the population as passing.

And setting it to 90% will show that 90% of the population passing.

Thank you, Drew, for the feedback and for ensuring that we are continuously providing the best, most easy to use, product for you and all our clients!

At, we love feedback and ideas. If you are a customer or are familiar with the anonymous candidate screening solution and have ideas to share, send them to



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