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Customer Testimonials

Career.Place is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our customers. All testimonials and logos are used with explicit permission.

Career.Place removing bias one hire at a time

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“I cannot recommend Career.Palce training highly enough...”

"As a Talent Acquisition (TA) professional, I found the Career.Place workshop and training to be incredibly in-depth and practical, providing valuable insights and strategies that have been truly transformational for our team.

Their expertise is undeniable and is evident in the way they present information clearly and concisely that is relevant to the work we do in TA. They are able to provide a wealth of information on best practices and effective strategies for TA and their advice is grounded in practical experience, making it easy for us to apply it to our work.

The transformational impact of their training on our team has been remarkable. We are already implementing many of the strategies they have shared with us. The training has helped us to become more efficient, effective, and strategic in our approach to DEIB within the TA space, which has led to higher levels of success in finding and hiring top talent.

Overall, I cannot recommend the Career.Place workshop and training highly enough. If you're a TA professional looking to improve your DEIB processes and outcomes, and be more effective in conversations with hiring leaders across your organization, this training is a must. Their in-depth knowledge, practical advice, and transformative impact make it an invaluable resource for any TA team.


- Steve White

    Head of Talent Acquisition

    Boeing Employee's Credit Union

Boeing Employee's Credit Union

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“Without Career.Place, we couldn't possibly be where we are...”

"Working with Career.Place feels like working with a true extension of your own team. Melissa is responsive and thoughtful in her approach, and she is never afraid to lean into difficult conversations when they come up. Without Career.Place's support, we couldn't possibly be where we are in our DEIB journey as an organization.

We plan to continue to utilize their services as our journey progresses."


- Terri Lewis

    Chief People Officer 

    One Call

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“The training was really engaging and was very helpful...”


"In an effort to ensure that our recruiting process is equitable, we launched an initiative to weed out biases in our interview questions. I was thrilled to learn that offered inclusive interview training.

training was really engaging and was very helpful in showing us the types of questions that we should be asking to be able to identify the right candidates for our positions. We were even able to review some of our typical interview questions during the training and found multiple opportunities to improve our candidate experience and insight through rephrasing.

Thanks to the training, we are able to get the most out of our interview questions and the interview process."

- Rushelle McPherson

    Recruitment & Marketing 


    Kaizen, A Tetra Tech company

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“I highly recommend all TA leaders take courses”

"I've been lucky enough to take two separate courses with one on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and one on Metrics, both specific to the Talent Acquisition space.

Melissa is a fantastic facilitator of the sessions: for the DE&I series, she was teaching a large swath of folks across industries, levels, and companies, and was able to make content that was applicable and actionable for us all, with a heavy dose of realism as to how we could right size these strategies for implementation.

For the Metrics course, Melissa worked with a group of individuals of all technical areas across my company and was able to take her content and tailor to us through what she learned about our organization and our own expertise (or in my case, lack thereof!) with data.

I would highly recommend any and all Talent Acquisition leaders or folks leading this ara to take courses through -  I know I will again!"


- Patrick Ward

    Manager, TA

    Halloran Consulting Group

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“Career.Place has been transformational to our TA team”

"Career.Place has been an outstanding partner to Booster. Melissa has a knack for sharing DEIB information in such a practical and engaging way. It makes principles, that may have been challenging to grasp at one point, easy to understand 

We started with an in-person session where Melissa gave an overview of why DEIB is so paramount to Talent Acquisition. After that session, our entire team was pleading for more, so we signed up for the 12-Session training. And it has changed how we approach conversations with hiring managers, job postings, and candidate screening.

Career.Place has been transformational to our Talent Acquisition team and our overall goal of increasing our capability!"


- Steve White

    Head of TA

    Booster Fuels

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“Career.Place has been an incredible assessment tool”

"Career.Place has been an incredible assessment tool used in conjunction with our ATS to improve our DEI efforts and eliminate bias from our screening process. We have already received great feedback from candidates, appreciative of our efforts to make the recruitment process fair and inclusive. It is user-friendly and if you have any questions or need any assistance, their Customer Success team is quick to respond and are amazing to work with. Highly recommend!"


- Liz Berry

    Manager TA


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“Delivers such a high volume of qualified candidates”

"Between support, the ability to easily distribute jobs nationally and the phased approach deployed via, this is one of the best hiring platforms that I have utilized.


I’ve been in the Automotive retail and vendor space for 30+ years and I’ve not encountered a platform that could deliver such a high volume of qualified candidates. For example, for a BDR we had on, we could have hired 7 of the 8 finalists."


- Tom Harsha



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“Always looking for ways to make my job easier”

"Career.Place has created a game changing product for recruitment! Teaching people to remove bias in the interview process has always been a challenge, but Career.Place thoughtfully solved for the impossible.


Our candidates and recruiters are having a great experience using the platform, and as a manager I can sleep at night knowing we are hiring the best candidates faster and fairly. Aside from building a great product, expect to receive white glove service when working with the team. They are perfectionists and always looking for ways to make my job easier. I can’t recommend them enough and will take them with me wherever I go!"

- Chereen Pasha

    Manager, TA

    Publishing Concepts, Inc

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“Easy to set up and use and saves me so much time”

“I’m loving Career.Place. It is so easy to set up and use and saves me so much time in screening candidates. It strips out bias, has great reporting, gives fantastic customer service, and I know I’m getting highly vetted candidates."

- Brandi Hudson

    HR Director


Heading 1

My experience working with has been extremely positive. The team provided so much support through the implementation and learning phases. Implementing has drastically cut down the time it takes to screen resumes while helping us find high-quality candidates. The analytics in provide essential insights into our candidate pool to help us make informed decisions about how to evolve our recruiting processes. I would highly recommend to anyone!"

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“My experience has been extremely positive”

- Alicia Roedell

    HR Manager   

    Bright Power

“Career.Place has reduced our time to hire by over 60% and has improved our diversity without us even having to try. ”

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"Reduced time to hire by over 60% and improved diversity"

- Alex Desmond

    Sr. HR Manager

    Launch That

“Melissa Dobbins is one of the most engaging facilitators and speakers I have worked with. She has a remarkable ability to effectively present complex topics and engage audiences from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience.

She and's dedication towards equity from developing hiring software to eliminate bias to sharing knowledge through thought-provoking presentation and interactive discussion activities is palpable. I highly recommend for any company seeking to create equitable workspaces through intention. ”

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"Effectively presents complex topics to a diverse group"

- Wendy Rentschler

    Global Corp

    Social Responsibility & DEI


We have been thrilled with When we set out to find an innovative partner that truly encompasses the blind hiring process, there wasn’t a comparison.


With we save a tremendous amount of time, have high quality interviews, and get incredible feedback from candidates stating that our process is “a breath of fresh air”, super easy, and cutting edge.


I highly recommend"

CP Testimonial header.png

"incredible feedback from candidates - 'breath of fresh air'"


- Keith Larkowski

    VP Operations


Career.Place is a golden product. I can’t tell you how much time this has saved me.  And our candidates tell us how much they appreciate the process. ”

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" is a golden product"


- Jennifer Caunin

    Vice President, HR


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" helped us focus on what matters for the job"

"What matters when qualifying candidates is invisible to the eyes. We need to move past our biases in order to find the best person to achieve the goals of the organization. Career.Place helped us focus on only those things that mattered for the job while saving me and my team valuable time. Thanks, in part, to, we achieved our goal of hiring to represent the best from our community to help us serve Philadelphia.

- Anthony Slade

   Director of Operations & HR

   The Mann Center for   

   Performing Arts

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"Didn't waste a moment of time on unqualified candidates"

“The responsiveness from candidates that applied through proved to be beyond valuable. I didn't have to waste a moment of time on candidates who either weren't qualified or not serious about working for us.

Career.Place provided us the most qualified candidates and saved me countless days of effort as compared to any method we used in prior years.

Kroc Center.jpg

- Hillary Jones

   Education Director

   Salvation Army

   Kroc Center - Camden

Join us in removing bias one hire at a time


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