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Bias through the eyes of a five year old

I watched my two little girls meet their beloved princesses a few weeks ago when we took them to Disney World. My five-year-old lit up with excitement as she got to hug and talk to these magical figures that she has spent so much time pretending to be. My four-year-old got straight down to business; with a twinkle in her eye, she grilled each of these idolized women – wanting to know what happened to their animal friends, their princes, their mommies. What my children experienced was magic-come-to-life. To them, it didn’t matter if the princess was black (Tiana), white (Rapunzel), Arab (Jasmine), Chinese (Mulan), or a fish (Ariel) – they were all equally magical, wonderful, and true royalty.

I am on a mission to make sure my girls always see the princesses. What's

your experience?



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