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Guidelines for Sharing and Republishing Content

So you want to republish a piece of content from First - thank you! We appreciate it when people want to share our stuff.

But, before you just go and share it, we need to ask this of you:

Social sharing

We appreciate it when our content is shared via social media. If you want this to catch our attention so we can also share, please use the following Twitter handle and hashtag (across all social platforms): @acareerplace and #NoBias


Feel free to publish a summary of any of our pieces, along with the link to the full piece.

Videos & Images

Screenshots, videos, or graphics can be included in your published content, as long as our Content Attribution Policy is adhered to. Images are licensed through a 3rd party and cannot be reproduced/included in the published content and is strictly forbidden.

Content Attribution Policy

For summaries, social sharing, and videos, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Cite as the original source.

  2. Link to the source on the website:

  • Article/blog post summaries:  Link to the URL of the original piece.

  • Embedded video and presentations/webinars: Embed the original video or presentation using the embed code.

  • Content that is gated (content that requires sign up): Link to the landing page, not the PDF.

Any questions on our republishing guidelines? Ask us at

Want access to future content? Write us at and we will send you all new content 24 hours after publication on our site.

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