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Career.Place February 2020 Newsletter

In this issue:

  1. Saving time and money

  2. What's New: The Source Report

  3. Feature Spotlight: Parallel job titles


1. Saving time and money - Clippard Instrument's use case

See how helped one of our customers cut over 50% of their hiring costs while reducing time to hire by 60%.

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, a private manufacturing company based in Cincinnati Ohio, was on a mission to revamp their hiring. They had been struggling with a hiring process that took an average of two to three months to fill for a technical position.

With, not only did they meet their hiring process objectives, but they also expanded the diversity of their hiring program.

See the full story: Clippard Use Case.

How can we help you? Contact us at

2. What's New: The Source Report

Do you know where your best candidates are sourced from? Do you know the return on your investment for all those job boards you use?

With our new source report, makes finding those answers easy. See the breakdown of applicants by source in each step from the initial apply to the fully qualified and beyond.

Track both the quantity and quality of applicants by source, ensuring that you are optimizing your sourcing investment for every job.

Want to learn more about source tracking through Contact us at


3. Feature Spotlight: Parallel Job Titles

Did you know you can add multiple titles to every job to increase the volume of applicants?

Many positions can be called by many names. Choose the wrong one and that perfect Account Executive could miss your job because they are searching for Sr. Sales Representative.

But, by posting jobs under multiple titles, candidates can more easily find your position.

And, with parallel job titles, all candidates flow into one qualification funnel, increasing candidate volume without any extra effort.

Get started today:

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