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Career.Place Launches Insightful Blog

Teaching how to remove bias from the workplace is #1 objective

Career.Place, removing bias one hire at a time, announced today its first blog post, showcasing its desire to remove bias from the workplace as well as sharing insight into how is changing the hiring process.

“Every time I meet with someone and tell them that resumes are obsolete, they tell me that there is no other way to hire,” said Melissa Dobbins, CEO. “My response? There is another way, one that measures a candidate’s qualifications, not one that is judged by what is written on a piece of paper.”

Career.Place removes bias from the hiring process by not relying on the resume as the beginning piece of the hiring equation. Instead,’s solution asks a series of questions from salary desired to taking assessments, allowing only those qualified to advance to an employer’s desk.

“Our blog will start to help educate and define how a new hiring process can be accomplished, without the need of a resume, “continued Dobbins, “and how to avoid hiring practices that leave companies open to the dreaded ‘Bad Hire’.

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