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Career.Place Starts the Journey of Replacing Resumes with Technology

Career.Place to turn the hiring process on its head by releasing its application to employers

Career.Place, removing bias one hire at a time, announced today the release of its SaaS based software that not only removes bias, but also removes the necessity for resumes to be used for the hiring process.

“After a year, we are launching a product that every employer we have spoken with says they are looking forward to in saving time and money in their hiring process,” said Melissa Dobbins, CEO of “Removing the resume from the process has been important to us, as it is where bias in the hiring process starts.”

Career.Place removes bias from the hiring process by not relying on the resume as the beginning piece of the hiring equation. Instead,’s solution walks candidates through an engaging process that starts with basic qualifications and soft skills assessments through job scenarios and questions, allowing only those qualified to advance to an employer’s desk.

“It is time to ensure that great talent does not need to defend what they are in order to have the successful careers they deserve,” continued Dobbins. “For the first time, applicants will be judged on their capabilities and skill-set, not on what is written on a resume.”

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