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This time, the Ghosts are real!

The Sad Tale of Ghosting

Remember that cute person that you swiped right for and matched, that friend of a friend you met at a party and hit it off with, or that bombshell that gave you their number at the bar? Yep, that special person that you couldn’t wait to hear from. The conversation started out great until the messages slowed, then completely stopped and that special person disappears off the face of the earth. Now you are left wondering what you did or said to get ghosted.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Ghosting: it's when a person or persons ends communications with you and simply disappears with no explanation.

Ouch, right?

Ghost Haunting the workforce!!

Unfortunately, ghosting is not just limited to dating, it has crossed over into the workplace. I can’t tell you how many times I have spent hours combing through applications and resumes, meticulously picking candidates that I thought could be a good fit just to fall victim to ghosting.

Either I had set dozens of appointments where candidates didn’t show up or even call to say they couldn’t make it or there were candidates that would make it to the interview, nail it, get the offer, and then poof – gone. No text, no call, no email. This left my boss and I sitting in the office playing the “who will show up today” game.

This ghosting thing is a nightmare, especially since we needed a certain number of employees to insure success of the business. Running concessions for a D1 University with a pretty popular football team is hard to do without adequate staffing.

Ghost Busting, save time and money

Luckily there is a way to combat this headache - you’ve got to make them work for it. It doesn’t have to be much; a short questionnaire, a small assessment to evaluate meaningful soft skills, something, anything to allow candidates to prove they really want the job. Not only will a short evaluation process cut down on Ghost candidates, it also helps push reliable candidates that want the job to the front and show hiring mangers the future employee’s dedication.

Creating or finding an evaluation process for your job can be challenging. Luckily there are technologies like that have already built the tools you need. So save yourself some time and money, try, and rid your employee search of Ghosts.




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