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Career.Place August 2019 Newsletter

In this issue:

  1. Integration with JazzHR

  2. What's New: Advanced Job Posting Options

  3. Feature Spotlight: Job Default Settings


1. New Job board: abilityJOBS

We are proud to announce that we have expanded the job boards we offer to our clients. 

We now have two new free job boards: Jooble and CareerJet, helping our clients get in front of additional applicants without additional cost.

Career.Place now also offers the Disability Solutions job board, which caters to job seekers with disabilities. 

Current data shows averages of less than 5% of candidates from traditional job boards have disabilities, though according to the CDC, over 25% of the population have disabilities.

Do you have a favorite job board you want to see on Let us know - contact us at

2. What’s New - Other Jobs of Interest

Employers work hard to source talent in an ever-tightening job market. But what about those great candidates that are not quite right for the specific job they applied for? Career.Place now keeps those candidates engaged by showing them other jobs of interest within the same organization.

Instead of just receiving ‘you’re not qualified’, candidates now receive a list of other jobs within the organization that align to their interests and skills.

For all those candidates that express interest in your organization, why not make sure they see all you have to offer?   

3. Feature Spotlight - Candidate Time Tracker

Did you know tracks how long it will likely take candidates to complete the evaluation process?

In the edit mode for any job, look at the top of the window to quickly see what screening stages you are using for the job as well as how much total time it will take the candidate to complete the process.

Career.Place makes it easy to tailor the candidate experience to fit the role.

Not sure what the appropriate time should be? Don’t worry, we are here to help. 

Contact us at

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