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MDG2 Technologies Forms Career.Place, a SaaS Based Offering for HR Departments that Removes Bias fro

Founders commit to removing the inherent biases found when hiring new employees

MDG2 Technologies LLC announced today the formation of its first SaaS based offering that will do business as Career.Place.

MDG2 Technologies was formed in 2016 to create a solution to remove bias that is inherent throughout the hiring processes. Led by CEO Melissa Dobbins, the mission of the company is to identify and remove bias touch-points that could occur within the hiring process and replace it with technology that will make the employer and applicant anonymous.

“Resumes are one of the biggest culprits of instigating bias, and it goes well beyond just a name. Years of experience, group associations, even an alma mater are all potential agents of bias.” said CEO Melissa Dobbins, who continued, “By removing the resume, as well as the name, the first element of bias is removed from the hiring equation. From there, it was easy for us to turn the process into a funnel that allowed applicants to only be judged on their capabilities, not their gender or religion or skin color or whatever.”

The hiring funnel will allow numerous anonymous applicants to apply for a job, taking them through a process to demonstrate their strengths and abilities for the role, such as meeting the traits desired by the company, passing a scenario assignment designed to simulate the tasks of the job, or providing short interview responses to culture-based questions. The system allows the potential employer to focus on applicants who demonstrate that they are qualified for the job – and will then have the option to reveal only those qualified applicants. It is only at the end of the process that an applicant’s name and any other relevant information will be shown – insuring that no bias was used in determining the most qualified candidate.

“We are excited for companies to start using and discover how bias can be removed from the hiring process”, said COO Gabe Gurman. “Offering this solution as SaaS, it insures total autonomy between the employer and applicant, giving each and every applicant a fair and equal chance to demonstrate their capabilities and be judged on those capabilities, not their gender or how old they are.”

“Our unique approach to the hiring process, one where assessments are up front, not at the end, provide employers with qualified candidates before they ever have to look at a resume or make a phone call,” continued Dobbins. “Typically, assessments are used at the end of the hiring process, after the hiring manager has made up their mind about the applicant, making the testing irrelevant – and ultimately losing any value to protect against a bad hire.”

Career.Place, which will remove bias one hire at a time, will be launched at the end of the 1st quarter of 2018 with the BETA offered in 4th quarter, 2017.

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