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Politics – personalities, theatrics, and a desperate need for anonymous evaluation

The 2020 presidential debate…

It has been described in many colorful ways by many people across the political spectrum and beyond. However, ‘insightful’ is not one of them, at least not when it comes to policies, plans, and approaches.

Unfortunately, while this gives us quite a lot to talk about during zoom calls, it is not empowering us to make the most informed choices.

As voters, we have a responsibility to look behind the strong personalities, colorful language, and entertaining (or as some called it, horrifying or embarrassing) theatrics, to choose the candidates that are best aligned to our stances across a wide variety of issues. Our vote is our opportunity to influence the future of our country. But, with the political arena shrouded in theatrics, it can be very difficult to discern what politicians truly stand for and how they plan to turn their stance into action.

Imagine how different the political process would be if we stripped away all the distracting pageantry and focused on what mattered.

Here’s an idea…

Anonymous Politician Screening

Imagine a forum that clearly laid out each issue then showed how the political candidates would address the issue. What the candidates would do, how they would do it, how they would build support within the government to get it done, and why they would be successful (such as how they successfully executed a similar plan in the past).

Now imagine those responses were devoid of one thing - identity. You didn’t know who the candidate was or their political affiliation. No hiding behind theatrics, or distracting colorful language thrown across the podium. No ‘party line’ biases to replace true intent (i.e. “they are a [party here] so they must support…].

Armed with information over antics, voters could easily see which candidate best aligned with their stance and approach on the issues most important to them. And ultimately choosing the one that was the best fit for representing their voice for the local, state, and federal government positions.

I wonder how different politics would be with an anonymous, information-driven selection process.

From politics to employees

While it may be a while before we can reform our political processes, that doesn’t mean we must choose all our candidates within the haze of distraction.

Potential employees, just like politicians, can get lost under the veil of theatrics, fancy resume language, and biases. The candidates who put on the best show are not necessarily the best for the job. And our biases as employers (voters) does not necessarily lead us down the right path.

While you cannot yet have an anonymous political selection process that cuts through the distraction to focus on what matters, you can have an anonymous employee candidate screening process.

You can do it, we can help. Career.Place is an anonymous and equitable candidate screening platform to ensure all candidates showcase what matters without the flashy, misleading distractions.

So, if you are looking for a solution that skips the theatrics in favor of finding the right talent, we would love to talk to you.

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